Алкалаев Константин Борисович

/ 25 апреля, 2022/ *

PhD, Senior researcher at Tamm Theory Division, LPI


The AdS/CFT correspondence describes quantum field theory in anti-de Sitter space (AdS) in terms of conformal field theory (CFT) living on its boundary. This is a particular example of the so-called holographic duality which plays the fundamental role in modern theoretical physics.

One of the most interesting and important applications of the AdS/CFT correspondence can be found in quantum theories with infinite number of particles and symmetries. Among them are D=2 CFT and higher spin gravity in AdS space in D dimensions.

The current research projects include:

AdS/CFT interpretation of D=2 CFT with Virasoro symmetry
Higher spin gravity in D=5 AdS spacetime for mixed-symmetry fields


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